All about recycling plastics

The object of the company is the recycling of plastics. This includes the purchase of raw materials or plastic production waste, the grinding, regranulation and compounding of plastics as well as their sale. Furthermore, we create disposal concepts with the aim of collecting as many substances as possible by type. KRM is all about plastic, recycling and reuse. This industry is very versatile and offers a wide range of business opportunities.



Regrind and Regranulates

Pure plastic raw materials are shredded into shredded material in the processing plants and then processed into regrind. The regrind is then either sold as an end product or used as an intermediate to produce regranulates. The regranulates are used as high-quality raw materials in various applications.


Plastics trade

We trade in virgin materials as well as raw materials from the post-consumer and post-industrial sectors. We purchase volume flows in the form of bales, rolls, regrind or granules and also offer you the right logistics and treatment solution.


Contract processing

We take your scrap and process it into high-quality regrind or granules. If you wish, you will receive your production waste back as usable raw materials for your new production.



Wir sind nicht nur Abnehmer für postindustrielle Ausschussware, auch Güter aus dem Postconsumer-Sektor werden bei KRM gesammelt und zu Mahlgut und Regranulaten aufbereitet.



We are not only a buyer of post-industrial rejects, but also goods from the post-consumer sector are collected at KRM and processed into regrind and regranulates.